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Pre-fabricated to exact requirements

Detailed specifications relating to the IX250

Designed from the ground-up by our professional and experienced team,the IX250 is able to speed up the flat roof replacement process to such a degree thanks to its sectional construction. Here you’ll find all the technical information required as to what goes into to developing these. From possible size dimensions, materials used, and achievable U-values.

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Lightweight and robust


The iX250 system is constructed using a combination of high quality aluminium and MIG welding technology, these act as the foundation for all the iX250’s corner and ladder sections intended to sit on top of brick pillars or structural posts.

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Size specifications

iX250 sections can be engineered to fit buildings of a regular shape with sizes up to 7m x 5m available on request. If your planned project exceeds a size of 7m x 5m or is of an irregular shape/design, contact the sales office for further information

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Surpassing the industry standard

Thermal performance

The iX250 system’s unique Warm Roof construction achieves U values as low as 0.18W/m2k using 125mm insulation boards, perfect for meeting consumer demands actively looking to minimise energy usage and reduce their carbon footprint and also satisfying Building Control

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IX250 extension solution

Technical step-by-step fitting instructions

The iX250 has been designed with installers in mind, requiring just two tradesmen and one genie lift, Here’s how to best go about it:

Ordered List

Step One - Identify sections

Once the pre-fabricated sections of the iX250 are delivered to the site of your choosing, identify each section from the provided numbered system guide. Starting from the rear corner, sit the first section on top of the brick pier, supporting the edge at the back wall.


Step Two - Bolt fastening

From here, offer the rear ladder rack to the corner section, fastening together first with the supplied draw bolts. While there may be temptation to tighten, leave loose until all frame components are together.

Hex screw

Step Three - Setting corners in place

To set the corner in place, carefully ease the sliding plate back before locating in position. Then return the plate to its position and fix it to the corner using M12mm head hex bolts. Repeat the process until the last corner.


Step Four - Tightening to wall

Before bolting to the house wall, ensure that galvanised straps are fixed to the front elevation, then proceed with bolting to secure a fully tightened alignment. Make sure there’s appropriate packing between the framework and host wall.


Step Five - Aligning the front and back

Once the iX250 is fully assembled and in position, align the of the outer up-stand with the internal face of the external brickwork. Place pre-cut insulation on top of the structure. Now is the time to layer the structure with 18mm exterior decking boards using fixings supplied.

*External waterproof deck covering (fibreglass or EPDM) are not supplied by IX250

High performance products

Why take advantage of the IX250?


Warm Roof Technology

The iX250 achieves U values as low as 0.18W/m2k


Manufactured In-House

Every iX250 section is manufactured by our highly skilled workforce


On-site delivery

iX250 can be delivered directly anywhere in England & Wales


Installation support

Technical advice is readily available


Building Regulation Compliant

JHAI national building control approved


Structurally Proven

Generic structural calculations available on request

Quick turnaround and on-site delivery

Serving the trade

supplying to installers across england & wales

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