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The iX250 is a great addition to any installer’s product portfolio. It is extremely high quality, with excellent structural strength and outstanding levels of thermal performance. It is also very quick and easy to install; pre-fabrication helps to save time and money by reducing on-site work. Many of our retail partners have had unprecedented success with the iX250. From large national installation companies to established local installers, the iX250 has been integral in their company’s growth and development.

Why is the iX250 so popular?

To understand the popularity of the iX250, it’s important to know your customer base well. The iX250 is aimed at the high-end of the home improvement market. It is a luxury home improvement which greatly improves a homeowner’s standard of living while adding considerable value to their property. The iX250 is:

  • JHAI Ltd approved – Certification from the UK’s leading building inspector
  • Created using Warm Roof technology – The iX250 can achieve U-values as low as 0.18 W/m²k
  • Delivered directly to your site – On-site delivery helps to speed up installation time
  • Building Regulations compliant – The iX250 exceeds all the necessary requirements
  • Available with full installation support – Expert advice on product design and installation
  • Pre-fabricated in house – We oversee the entire manufacturing process for constant quality assurance

These characteristics set the iX250 apart from other roof systems on the market. When you want to offer your customers the best product for their home improvements, the iX250 is the product for you.

The iX250 – Technical specifications

As an established glazing product retailer, you’ll want to make a fully informed decision when choosing your product range. To ensure that you are as well-informed as possible, here are some technical points about the iX250:

  • Constructed using high quality aluminium sections and MIG welding technology
  • Engineered to fit design sizes up to 7m x 5m with oversized and irregular shaped designs available on request
  • Features 125mm insulation boards to boost energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions
  • Made from a series of numbered, pre-fabricated sections for ease of installation
  • Sections are fixed together with super-strong M12mm bolts

By dedicating our research and development to one product, we have created a roof system which provides unrivalled levels of performance. For both installers and end-users, the iX250 is a convenient and high performing roof system with a wealth of benefits. The iX250’s patented design is now installed by a selection of established and respected UK traders and industry experts.

High performance products

Why take advantage of the IX250?


Warm Roof Technology

The iX250 achieves U values as low as 0.18W/m2k


Manufactured In-House

Every iX250 section is manufactured by our highly skilled workforce


On-site delivery

iX250 can be delivered directly anywhere in England & Wales


Installation support

Technical advice is readily available


Building Regulation Compliant

JHAI national building control approved


Structurally Proven

Generic structural calculations available on request

Quick turnaround and on-site delivery

Serving the trade

supplying to installers across england & wales

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