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Operating out of Peterborough, iX250 Ltd is well-positioned to provide installers working throughout the South East with our patented fast-build extension solution. We’re familiar with most locations in this part of the UK, and so have complete confidence that all aluminium sections can be delivered on time and to exact specification regardless of the residential project being catered to.

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Swift supply of the IX250

Serving Installers in the following areas


One of the UK’s home counties, we’re no strangers to Kent, having supplied the IX250 to installers here various times. Almost every time, feedback regarding roof replacements has been overwhelmingly positive.


A dedicated vehicle fleet that tradesmen in Sussex need not miss out on the IX250. Especially in such a historic county, you can’t be too careful when replacing the roofs of orangeries, making IX250 a helpful tool in maintaining any established authenticity when improving.


Our ability to supply the majority of the South East is best surmised by the IX250’s impact in Oxfordshire, being an area that features an eclectic mix of orangery styles. Despite this, IX250’s simplification of the roof replacement process is adaptable to all.


Famous for its use as the setting for H. G. Wells’ War of the Worlds, we can assure you that there’s nothing alien about how IX250 can help Surrey tradesmen replace orangery roofs. Swift turnaround to site is always guaranteed, giving you the leg up needed to satisfy homeowners.


Covering both Southampton and Portsmouth, who are we to deny the IX250’s benefits to the tradesmen of Hampshire? We’ve supplied here many times throughout the years, knowing the area enough to supply the system swiftly every time.


A South West county steeped in a long history of human settlement, the IX250 team are more than able to supply the system to local installers operating in Dorset. Whether to company HQ or a specific project site you’re undertaking, your planned roof replacement will be swift.

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High performance products

Why take advantage of the IX250?


Warm Roof Technology

The iX250 achieves U values as low as 0.18W/m2k


Manufactured In-House

Every iX250 section is manufactured by our highly skilled workforce


On-site delivery

iX250 can be delivered directly anywhere in England & Wales


Installation support

Technical advice is readily available


Building Regulation Compliant

JHAI national building control approved


Structurally Proven

Generic structural calculations available on request

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