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Your questions about ordering and installing the IX250, answered.

To help eradicate the likelihood of confusion regarding what IX250 can help installers achieve or how it can best fit into your installation portfolio, we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions frequently put towards us. Should you have a query not addressed here, we’d recommend getting in touch either via phone or online contact form.

Does the iX250 render extensions useable all year round?

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Yes. Thanks to warm roof construction and exterior plywood decking, iX250 extension roofs achieve U values as low as 0.18W/m2k to minimise likelihood of heat leaks, cold spots, and draughts. This also assures Building Regulation energy efficiency standards are met.

Is iX250 National Building Control Approved?

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Represented by the top organisations in the construction industry including RIBA, RICS, CIC and BEN, JHAI actively recognises iX250’s innovation, having been accepted when processed under Building Control application.

What is the difference between a conservatory and iX250 roof?

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A conservatory has a very poor thermal performance and existing properties must have external doors fitted between the main house and conservatory. This is very restrictive for homeowners that crave open plan living so including iX250 in your product portfolio helps avoid this.

Can the iX250 be supplied in dimensions larger than 7m x 5m?

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In extreme and specialist circumstances the iX250 can be supplied in a size larger than the recommended dimensions. This is most likely to come at a slight premium, so please contact a staff member directly to find out more.

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Why take advantage of the IX250?


Warm Roof Technology

The iX250 achieves U values as low as 0.18W/m2k


Manufactured In-House

Every iX250 section is manufactured by our highly skilled workforce


On-site delivery

iX250 can be delivered directly anywhere in England & Wales


Installation support

Technical advice is readily available


Building Regulation Compliant

JHAI national building control approved


Structurally Proven

Generic structural calculations available on request

Quick turnaround and on-site delivery

Serving the trade

supplying to installers across england & wales

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